Addressing Premature Coil Burnout Concerns with the IGET Bar

Premature coil burnout can be frustrating for vapers, as it affects the flavour and overall performance of their e-cigarette devices. If you are considering using the IGET Bar, a popular disposable vape, it is important to understand if it has any known issues with the coil burning out prematurely. In this article, we will explore the design and functionality of the IGET Bar to address this concern and provide insights on how to maximize the lifespan of the coil.

  1. Understanding Premature Coil Burnout:

Premature coil burnout occurs when the coil inside a vape device deteriorates or becomes unusable before its expected lifespan. This can result in reduced vapor production, altered flavor, and potentially an unpleasant burnt taste. Several factors, such as usage habits, e-liquid composition, and device design, can contribute to premature coil burnout.

  1. Coil Design in the IGET Bar:

The IGET Bar is a disposable vape device that features an integrated coil system. The specific design and materials used in the IGET Bar’s coil are not publicly disclosed by the manufacturer. However, the device is engineered to deliver a consistent vaping experience throughout its usage.

  1. Proper Priming and Break-in Period:

To maximize the lifespan of the coil in the IGET Bar and reduce the risk of premature burnout, it is important to properly prime the coil before use. Priming involves saturating the coil with e-liquid before the initial use to ensure sufficient wicking and avoid dry hits. Additionally, allowing a short break-in period after priming, typically a few minutes, allows the coil to reach its optimal performance level.

  1. Avoid Chain Vaping:

Chain vaping, which involves taking rapid consecutive puffs without allowing sufficient time for the coil to re-saturate, can contribute to premature coil burnout. It is advisable to take regular breaks between puffs to allow the wick to absorb more e-liquid, ensuring optimal performance and preventing overheating of the coil.

  1. E-Liquid Composition:

The choice of e-liquid can also impact the lifespan of the coil. High VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquids tend to be thicker and may not wick as efficiently, potentially leading to faster coil deterioration. It is recommended to use e-liquids with a balanced VG/PG (propylene glycol) ratio to ensure proper wicking and avoid excessive strain on the coil.

  1. Individual Usage Factors:

Individual usage factors, such as puff duration, inhalation strength, and frequency of use, can also influence coil lifespan. Prolonged or excessively strong puffs can create higher temperatures within the coil, potentially accelerating the burnout process. Experimenting with different puff durations and adjusting your vaping technique can help find the optimal balance between vapor production and coil longevity.

  1. Considering Alternative Devices:

If you frequently experience premature coil burnout or desire more control over coil replacement, it may be worth exploring alternative vape devices. Refillable pod systems and box mods often offer replaceable coils, allowing users to easily swap out the coil when needed. These devices provide greater flexibility and customization options, ensuring longer coil lifespan and a more personalized vaping experience.


While the IGET Bar is designed to provide a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience, there is always a possibility of premature coil burnout, especially if usage guidelines are not followed. Proper priming, avoiding chain vaping, and using e-liquids with balanced VG/PG ratios can help extend the lifespan of the coil. Individual usage factors also play a role, so finding the right balance between vapor production and coil longevity is essential. If premature coil burnout persists or is a recurring issue, it may be worth exploring alternative vape devices that offer replaceable coils for greater control and customization. Remember, responsible usage and proper maintenance can help maximize the lifespan of the coil in the IGET Bar.