The IGET Nova Kit comes with a 350mAh battery and pre-filled e-liquid, each containing 1.8ml of e-liquid. This means that users can enjoy up to 500 puffs before needing to recharge the battery or replace the pod. The device is also incredibly easy to use, with no buttons or complicated settings to worry about.

One of the standout features of the IGET Nova Kit is its advanced electronic atomizing technology, which delivers a smooth and consistent vaping experience with every puff. The device uses a high-quality cotton coil that produces a rich and flavorful vapor, while the electronic atomizing technology ensures that the vapor is smooth and satisfying.

The IGET Nova Kit is also available in three delicious flavors: Grape Freeze+(Black), lced Blueberry+ (Blue), Lush Fruit+ (Red). Each flavor is made with high-quality ingredients.

Overall, the IGET Nova Kit 500 Puffs is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a convenient and satisfying vaping experience. Its powerful battery, pre-filled e-liquid pods, and advanced electronic atomizing technology make it a must-have for vapers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, the IGET Nova Kit is sure to impress.

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IGET Nova Kit 500 Puffs 3 Flavors

From: $24.00

IGET Nova Kit 500 Puffs Grape Freeze+(Black)


IGET Nova Kit 500 Puffs Iced Blueberry+ (Blue)


IGET Nova Kit 500 Puffs Lush Fruit+ (Red)