Shop RELX Infinity Device with 11 colours to choose from. The device is equipped with advanced technology to maximise your vape experience.

Wireless charging ultra long endurance built-in magnetic charging interface: no need to align the plug cable, put it down for instant charging, and then various accessories will unlock more scenes.

Stable temperature control: relx infinity device controls the peak temperature of the atomizing core at about 230 ℃, improve the heating stability, and make the smoke become delicate and smooth.

Ergonomic proportion: after 26 times of precise modeling adjustment, the rounded concave curve comfortably wraps the lip bead and lip peak, with a strong fit, and no air leakage.

Specially researched formula: RELX has developed special oil formula for Infinity Device. In addition to a more obvious sense of taste hierarchy, the smoke will converge into a cluster and feel full in the mouth.

Leak proof silicone adhesive: better fit and wrap the atomization core to prevent the smoke oil from seeping out of the oil storage bin. 1

1 layer labyrinth structure: relx infinity device has super long labyrinth structure to lock the condensate and smoke in the atomization bin.

0.35 mm oil screen: the liquid surface tension formed by the smoke oil at the 0.35 mm hole position just offsets the gravity, and forms a final partition with a distinctive structure and innovative root leakage prevention in combination with the surrounding cotton pads.

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