RELX Artisan is the special design version of RELX’s fifth-generation Phantom pod device. They are limited edition collections with more complex processes, metal carving and leather decoration.
RELX Artisan sets a new high standard for the sophisticated vape experience. Reflecting exquisite craftsmanship and artistry, Artisan provides the highest quality compatible with our Infinity and Phantom’s full range of pods.
The newest member of RELX series! Relying on its innovative leak proof labyrinth coil and SmartPace vibration technology, RELX Artisan Vape Pod Device is launched! RELX Artisan has multiple functions such as dual charging system and fashionable ergonomic design.
What makes RELX Artisan different? Artisan optimizes the active extraction, setting it at the perfect temperature to provide you with rich steam generation and excellent flavor. When you insert a pre filled pod, the device has tactile vibration feedback.
The battery capacity is 380mA, which is suitable for daily use. The capacity of the pre installed e-juice pods is 1.9ml, which lasts approximately 650 puffs.

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RELX Artisan Device 3 Colors