If you’re seeking a compact and portable vaping device that’s easy to carry around, the IGET box might be the right choice for you. Weighing only 34g and measuring 42.6x17.4x62mm, it’s remarkably small and lightweight.

The IGET box comes with an inbuilt coil resistance of 1.8ohms, a 2.0ml e-liquid capacity, and a 400mAh battery capacity, allowing it to provide over 600 puffs per charge. It’s an excellent option for those who want a device that doesn’t require frequent recharging.

With 13 different flavors to choose from, the IGET box caters to different tastes, whether you prefer fruity or menthol-based flavors, there will be an option for you.

The device is made of PC+ABS material, which promises lasting durability and quality. Besides, the IGET box is easy to use, just remove the protective cap, take a puff, and have your favorite flavor. It’s an attractive option for people who want a vaping device that is not only high-quality but also comfortable to use and highly portable.

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