How to Fix Leaky Vapes and Where to Find High-Quality Vapes from IGETBAR

Leaky tanks are a common problem that vapers encounter, and it can be frustrating to deal with. While some leaks can be controlled, frequent leaks require immediate attention. In this article, we will discuss some common solutions to fix leaky vapes and introduce IGETBAR, a reliable vendor of high-quality vapes.

Check the Tightness of the Tank

One of the main reasons for a leaky tank is an improperly connected vape. Make sure that the tank’s components are properly screwed to prevent any leaks from occurring.

Fill the Tank Properly

Overfilling the tank is a common mistake that results in e-liquid overflowing and causing issues. Always ensure that there is an air bubble at the top of the tank to create a vacuum inside the tank and prevent e-liquid leakage.

Check the Vape Mod Power Setting

If the vaporizer includes a setting adjustment feature, make sure that the power is within the ideal range of the coil inserted. Drawing too forcefully on the vape will eventually cause e-liquid to spill from the device if the output is insufficient to produce vapor.

Consider the Vape and Juice Oil Combination

The vape coil typically has a coil within it and offers a variety of resistance settings. Each vape type is best paired with a certain vape juice, so it’s important to ensure that the combination of vape and juice oil is compatible.

Find High-Quality Vapes from IGETBAR

When buying vapes online, it can be difficult to know whether the vendor is reliable and the products are of high quality. However, IGETBAR is a trustworthy vendor that has been consistently meeting the need for real, high-quality vapes for many years. IGETBAR provides a variety of vapes, including Iget vape, Iget king, Iget bar, and Iget legend, and even offers numerous other varieties for customers to explore.


In summary, leaky tanks are a common problem that vapers face, but there are solutions to fix them. Properly connecting the vape tank, filling it adequately, checking the vape mod power setting, and considering the vape and juice oil combination can all help prevent leaks. Additionally, IGETBAR is a reliable vendor of high-quality vapes that customers can trust. With a variety of products and years of experience, IGETBAR is an excellent option for those seeking to purchase quality vapes online.