How To Recharge IGET Bar? Here Have Detail Answer

The IGET Bar is a popular disposable vape device known for its sleek design and variety of flavor options. However, many users wonder how to recharge the IGET Bar since it is a disposable device. In this article, we will provide a detailed answer on how to recharge an IGET Bar vape.
The first thing to note is that the IGET Bar is designed as a disposable device. This means that it is not intended to be recharged and reused. Once the e-liquid inside is depleted, the device is meant to be disposed of. However, some users still want to know if it is possible to recharge an IGET Bar to save money and reduce waste.
While it is technically possible to recharge an IGET Bar, it requires disassembling the device and soldering new wires. Here are the basic steps to recharge an IGET Bar:
  1. Carefully disassemble the IGET Bar device. This requires removing the outer shell to expose the internal components. Be very careful while disassembling as some parts may be fragile.
  2. Locate the battery inside the device. The IGET Bar uses an internal lithium-ion battery.
  3. Desolder the existing battery wires. This requires a soldering iron and desoldering pump or wick. Be very careful while desoldering as you do not want to damage any circuits.
  4. Purchase a new lithium-ion battery of the same voltage and capacity. IGET Bar batteries are typically 3.7V with a capacity of 350-500mAh.
  5. Solder the new battery wires to the positive and negative terminals on the circuit board. Ensure a good connection with no loose wires.
  6. Reassemble the IGET Bar device and test that it powers on with the new battery.
  7. Charge the new battery using a USB charger or dedicated lithium-ion battery charger. Ensure you use a proper charger for the battery’s voltage.
While it is possible to recharge an IGET Bar in this manner, it requires advanced technical skills, proper tools and care. The process can be risky if done improperly. As a legit seller, our priority is providing customers with safe, high-quality products. We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions and using IGET Bar devices as intended – as disposable products.
In conclusion, while it is technically feasible to recharge an IGET Bar vape, the process requires disassembling and modifying the device. It should only be attempted by those with advanced technical skills and experience working with electronic circuits.