How to recycle disposable vapes like the IGET Bar?

With the increasing popularity of disposable vapes like the IGET Bar, there is a growing concern about their impact on the environment. Many people are wondering how they can recycle these devices to prevent them from causing harm to the environment. In this article, we will explore some essential tips on how to recycle disposable vapes like the IGET Bar 3500 puffs.

Dispose of Properly:

The first step in recycling a disposable vape like the IGET Bar is to dispose of it properly. It is essential to remember that disposable vapes should not be thrown in the trash or treated like regular waste. This is because they contain hazardous components such as lithium-ion batteries that can cause significant environmental harm when poorly treated. You should look for disposable vape recycling bins located at the designated collection points or take the device to a recycling center.

Separate and Clean:

Before recycling your IGET Bar or any other disposable vape, it is crucial to remove the remaining e-liquid and separate the parts. The device’s plastic components, such as the mouthpiece and casing, can be recycled with other plastics. You should ensure that the plastics are well cleaned and free from any e-liquid residues to avoid contamination. The lithium-ion battery inside the device should receive proper attention as it requires specialized recycling due to the hazardous toxins it contains.

Check Local Regulations:

To recycle IGET Bar or any other disposable vape, ensure you comply with the proper guidelines and regulations set for your locality. Each state or county may have different guidelines that you must follow when recycling e-cigarettes. Check with your local area’s waste management recycling center or local vape shop to identify recycling resources and sites that are available in your area.

Recycle at a Vape Shop:

Another option is recycling your IGET Bar or any other disposable vape at a local vape shop. Some vape shops have programs set up for recycling such devices, like vapes that contain lithium batteries, and it’s always to inquire with them to know if such recycling initiatives are available in your locality.


Disposable vapes such as IGET Bar can be recycled, and properly taking care of these devices is an essential responsibility of vapers towards the environment. Disposing of this waste properly is a crucial factor in preventing environmental pollution. The IGET Bar’s plastic and e-liquid components can be recycled with other plastics waste, while the lithium-ion battery would require specialized recycling. Whether you are disposing of your IGET Bar at a recycling center or vape shop, check the local regulations and guidelines to ensure compliance with the rules and avoiding penalties. By following these tips, you can take steps towards reducing environmental pollution and waste and living sustainably.