How To Tell If IGET Bar Is Empty: 5 Obvious Signs

The IGET Bar 3500 puffs disposable vape is equipped with high-capacity 1500mAh batteries, making it a dependable choice for your vaping needs. However, due to its unique design, determining when the IGET Bar is empty can be challenging.

Having extensive experience as a vaper, I have discovered certain noticeable indications that suggest an empty Bar Vape. I will now share these signs with you, so please continue reading!

  • Thin and tasteless vapour

How To Tell If IGET Bar Is Empty: Become Thin And Tasteless Vapour

If you use Bars Vape the first time, the E-liquid is already filled with 12ml, so you can enjoy a thick vapour and delicious flavours. Vapes Bar produces massive amounts of vapour, especially in the first few puffs. However, with time passing by, the battery is less powerful and the E-liquid runs out quickly, leading to IGET Bar Vapes running out of the E-liquid.

Although there is still a little bit left to prevent the wick from burning, there is not enough E-liquid to provide you with a satisfying puff. Therefore, once the vapour become thin and tasteless, there is a sign that something is wrong. It is time to turn to your backup vape or purchase new IGET Bar Vapes.

  • No vapour is produced

How To Tell IGET Bar Is Empty: No Vapour

A new Vape Bar should be steadily producing a decent amount of vapour. When the battery is turned on, you can feel the Bar Vape warming up, but there is still no vapour produced at all. It is a sign that the Bars Vape is running out of E-liquid. Once this happens, please don’t use the device to avoid vaping a burnt and choked taste. It is time to invest in a new one.

  • Diminished flavours

How To Tell If IGET Bar Is Empty: Diminished Flavours

One of the clearest indicators that how to know when your IGET Bar is empty is to get your taste buds to work. When the Bars Vape flavours drop and become tasteless and dull, it means that the E-liquid of IGET Bars is running low and the atomiser wick is getting dry. This time, the flavours of each puff have already not satisfied anyone. So if you still want to have a good vaping experience and enjoy a delightful flavour, you can consider purchasing a new one.

  • LED light is blinking

How To Tell IGET Bar Is Empty: LED Light Is Blinking

The easiest way to know if IGET Bar is empty is to look for the LED light carefully. The LED light is at the bottom of the Bar Vape. When the battery is dead, Vape Bars will blink 5-10 times while or after you take a puff. The colour of the light or the blinking time is different between the brand and the device. Some devices will flash with red, whereas others with blue.

In addition, the Bars Vape battery cannot be recharged, so when the power of the battery is depleted, the lifespan of the IGET Bars finishes.

  • Burnt taste

How To Tell If IGET Bar Is Empty: Burnt Taste

In most cases, the battery will die before you use up all the E-liquid. If you start to use Vapes Bar, you get a burnt and nasty taste. It means that the E-liquid of IGET Bar Vapes is depleted. However, although you have depleted the E-liquid, your battery still has power. The Vape Bars will work properly. Due to the wick having no E-liquid to soak up, the atomiser will heat up the cotton directly, and then a burnt taste occurs.

It is also important to understand that the coil will burn if you vape too frequently or heavily. Taking a little break in between puffs is recommended. As IGET Bar Australia is a disposable vape, we cannot fix it. Once Vape Bars taste burnt, you should stop using them first and dispose of the device.