IGET Bar Plus

IGET Bar Plus Leaking – Why It Happen?

Vaping is often seen as a more convenient option than smoking because it can be used almost anywhere with ease. However, even with proper care, your IGET Bar Plus leaking issue may occur. This occurs mostly in the IGET Bar Plus Pod attached to the mouthpiece, where e-liquid leaks from the mouthpiece or airflow hole.

A small amount of liquid escaping during inhalation is normal, but if you notice a significant amount of liquid, your vape is leaking. Leaking happens when e-juice leaks out of the tank through the airflow system, and the amount of e-liquid that leaks can vary.

So, why is your IGET Bar Plus leaking? And how can you prevent this issue? Don’t worry, I’ll provide solutions and details that can help you avoid leaking, so make sure to check it out!

1. Mishandling the pod

The IGET Bar Plus Pods may appear durable, but they can still be damaged due to mishandling. If squeezed too hard, a pod may start to leak.

Additionally, biting on a pod while it’s in your mouth can also cause it to leak. These actions, which are essentially due to user error, can cause structural damage that results in leakage. As such, it’s crucial to handle your pods with care at all times.

2. Using a pod for too long

If you go a long time without changing your pod, or only replace it when the e-liquid has run out and you start to taste a burnt flavour, the coil inside the pod will gradually wear out and become less effective at holding onto e-liquid. This can cause the e-liquid to leak through the coil and out of your device.

3. A low battery

If your Bar Plus device has a low battery, it may cause e-liquid to leak out. This is because a weak battery cannot properly turn the e-liquid into vapor, causing it to be pulled through the mouthpiece as liquid instead of as vapor.

4. Defective hardware

Defective hardware can sometimes be the cause of the IGET Bar Plus leaking issue. Pods or device may be defective upon arrival. For example, a new purchased pod may lack a seal on the packaging, or the mouthpiece could be damaged, causing the IGET Bar Plus to leak.

5. Excessive vaping

When someone vapes excessively, the e-juice may leak out of the mouthpiece. This happens when the liquid is drawn into the coil housing too quickly to vaporize, causing the excess liquid to be pulled up through the mouthpiece like a straw and resulting in leakage.

6. Purchasing a fake IGET Bar Plus

The production of Fake Bar Plus Vapes does not undergo regulatory agency supervision. Additionally, neither the storage of e-liquid nor the equipment structures have undergone safety testing, which poses a significant risk of leakage.

IGET Bar Plus Leaking – How To Identify?

External Traces: Obvious oil stains may be found on the exterior of the IGET Bar Plus Vape, which may have leaked from the mouthpiece or airflow during use.

Oil Sensation in the Mouth: If you feel oil in your mouth while vaping, it may be due to oil leakage during the use of the Bar Plus 6000.

Odor: The e-liquid in Bar Plus vape has a distinct scent. If you smell this scent when the IGET Bar Plus is not in use, it may be due to oil leakage.

Touch: If the exterior of the Bar Plus feels oily, it may be due to oil leakage.

Leakage Traces: If you frequently place your Bar Plus Vape in a certain location and find oil stains there, it may be due to oil leakage from the vape.